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This service is currently in beta operation and in particular, not all Part 8 schemes are on display via the portal at this point.


The Local Government Online Planning website allows planning applications to be submitted to local authorities online. The website is developed and managed by the Local Government Management Agency on behalf of the 31 local authorities.

Currently, the website is in pilot phase and allows for Part 4 planning applications to be submitted to two local authorities: Tipperary County Council and Galway County Council. The capacity to submit applications to the remaining local authorities will be added on a phased basis place over 2022 and 2023.

In time, the website will also allow users to make submissions on planning applications and will facilitate Part 8 planning applications and submissions.


About the Local Government Management Agency


The LGMA is a state agency that provides a range of professional services to local authorities and the local government sector. You can find out more about the LGMA at www.lgma.ie.