No. 112 - 2 Bedroom Single Storey House at Corneddan, Ballinalee, Co. Longford


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Applications Details
Longford County Council
No. 112 - 2 Bedroom Single Storey House at Corneddan, Ballinalee, Co. Longford
Proposed Construction of 1 No. 2 Bedroom single storey house, including boundary walls/fences, car parking, entrances, landscaping, on site wastewater treatment system, connection to existing services and associated site works.
Applications Address
Co. Longford
Public Display
Planning Offices, Great Water Street
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Extract from Minutes - November 2023 Granard MD Draft.pdfResolution of the MembersDownload
Managers & Planners Report Part VIII No 112.pdfChief Executives ReportDownload
pt8ld39_-_part_8_-_longford_co_co.pdfSubmissionSubmission DocumentDownload
24. Site location - land holding.pdfSite location mapDownload
23. Landowners Consent - Corneddan.pdfLand owner consentDownload
22. Appendix G -IAPS_Ballinalee FINAL.pdfOther AssessmentsDownload
21. Appendix F -EIA Screening_Ballinalee FINAL.pdfOther AssessmentsDownload
20. Appendix E -AA Screening_Ballinalee FINAL.pdfAppropriate Assessment Screening ReportDownload
19. Appendix D - Site Investigation Report.pdfOther AssessmentsDownload
18. Appendix C - Topo Survey.pdfOther AssessmentsDownload
17. Appendix B - EPA Report Combine.pdfOther AssessmentsDownload
16. Drainage Sections A2.pdfSectionsDownload
15. Sections.pdfSectionsDownload
14. Schematic Elevations.pdfElevationsDownload
13. Elevations.pdfElevationsDownload
12. Ground Floor Plan.pdfFloor PlansDownload
11. Proposed Site Boundary Layout A1.pdfSite layout planDownload
10. Proposed Site Layout A1.pdfSite layout planDownload
9. Existing Site Layout_ Revised.pdfSite layout planDownload
8. Site Location - 25 Inch OSI Map_ Revised.pdfSite location mapDownload
7. Site Location - 6 Inch OSI Map_ Revised.pdfSite location mapDownload
6. Design Report.pdfOther AssessmentsDownload
3. Site Notice Corneddan.pdfSite NoticeDownload
4. Newspaper Notice Corneddan B.pdfNewspaper NoticeDownload
5. Project Description Corneddan.pdfApplication - Cover LetterDownload